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Debasmita Ghosh, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, March 30, 2013
Remember how back in school, one craved for the attention of that quiet and serious guy in class instead of the ever-smiling flirty classmate? A new study now reinstates the theory that it’s the “grumpy, brooding, moody and unattainable man” that women find most attractive compared to a cheerful and happy man. So, men out there, if you thought that your winning smile can do the trick, it’s time to rethink.

The findings conducted on 1,000 adults by a team from the University of British Columbia, Canada, concluded that smiling men do not appear as strong, powerful or masculine as those who seem disinterested and arrogant. “Women possibly take it up as a challenge... to get attention from a person who looks like a difficult nut to crack. It comes from the basic tendency in life to crave for what is not easily available,” says relationship expert Jai Madan. “You want that no-nonsense guy, who looks disinterested in romance, and is not falling for anyone else, to fall for YOU... it’s like an ego boost,” explains Madan.

The research that was carried out by the team of psychologists, took a cue from evolutionary theories that suggest that women are attracted to male displays of pride because they imply status and competence. Ambika Sinha, a Delhi-based advertising professional, who married her colleague Aman, says, “Aman was a forever-frowning, serious chap, and it became a challenge for me to find out what he keeps thinking! He was like this ocean of secrets and I felt drawn towards him, so much that he gave in.”

Psychologist Niranjan Reddy says that it’s this element of “intrigue” in brooding men that actually attracts women. “It’s like a teaser that silently woos and charms women,” says Reddy.  

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