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Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, March 31, 2013
The desi version of 24, produced by Anil Kapoor, saw an extraordinary rush  from aspirants at the auditions.

The story goes like this: Abhinay Deo had roped in casting director Roshmi Bannerjee, with whom he’d worked in ad films and documentaries, for the project. An established name in the circuit, she has cast actors for iconic characters like Bob Biswas and Satyaki in Kahaani (2012).

Within a couple of days of Roshmi announcing the auditions for the Colors show, hundreds of applications started pouring in, which led to the crash of her email account.

In fact, Anil’s office too witnessed an exceptional turnout of keen aspirants. To deter the crowd, his staff had to put up a placard announcing that the roles have been filled.