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Nirmika Singh, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, April 01, 2013
English singer-songwriter Dido released her debut album, No Angel, in 1999. At the time, pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera ruled the roost with their candyfloss anthems and slick music videos. Even though Dido lacked all that, she had a fan following of her own. Her casual demeanour, simple videos, unostentatious concerts, unpretentious music and distinct voice  helped her stand apart. As she releases her fourth album, Girl Who Got Away, on Sony Music, Dido talks about her life and what lies ahead.

This album features more electronica than any of your earlier work. What was your approach this time?
A lot of the credit for this new work goes to my brother, Rollo. He is my best critique, my friend and my music partner. I had penned most of the stuff for this album while I was working on my previous one, so I just needed to complete it. But that had to be put on hold because then I got hitched and a wonderful gift came into my life — my baby, Stanley. This album has witnessed many different stages of my life.

There’s a lot of pain in the writing and the music of this album. What inspired you?
This album is mostly written by Rollo. He’s the one who indulges in poetic writing. For me, all the songs are influenced by what I was feeling at that moment. My life’s been a roller-coaster ride. There have been many adventures and, as a songwriter, you want to share those feelings.

What do you think is your USP?
My experiences, which transform into words. My time with music has made me the person I am. It is the love for music that has brought me this far and keeps me going further. When I was six, I stole a recorder from my school… you can imagine my connection with music; I was passionate even then.

Any plans to tour India? A lot of your contemporaries have had concerts here in the last year.
A lot of biggies have come there, that’s true. I feel something is pulling me to India. I’ll surely be there in the coming years. I’d like to live the rich culture there.