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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, April 01, 2013
The Suits actor Patric Adams talks about his passion for collecting cameras, photography and more He is better known as Mike Ross, a lawyer who never attended law school, but has an encyclopedic knowledge of law aided by his memory in the popular US TV series Suits that currently airs on Comedy Central here. But Canadian actor Patric J Adams reveals there’s more to him than the character, and there are lesser known facts about him, such as his passion for photography and that he has multiple cameras adorning his garage.

How do you think you justify the role of Mike Ross?
Just before Suits started, I was fired and I was actually planning on quitting this business. But then I got the script for Suits and I said, ‘Wow this is what I want to do’. You know, no character is perfect. It’s the flaws that make us interesting. It’s the struggle.

Not many know you are a photographer as well, and are also known for clicking during the shoot. Tell us something about your passion.
Yes. It’s via my phone. On the sets, it’s the only option. I don’t want to be lugging around my camera everywhere.

You also collect cameras, right?
I have about 60 cameras in my garage right now. I find them. I collect them. People now know that if they need to get me a gift, they find me some sort of camera and I’ll find a way to use it. I definitely like playing with new cameras.