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Ejaz Kaiser, Hindustan Times
Raipur, April 04, 2013
In a shocking incident, a daily wage labourer in Chhattisgarh went on a rampage killing four women and five girls at Samri village in Balrampur district some 425 km north of Raipur on Thursday.

All the nine died on the spot, said the police. The labourer identified as Pandu Nageshia (35) who works in the nearby bauxite mines, was described by the villagers and authorities as mentally disturbed.

“Four elderly women in their late fifties and five girls all below five years of age were hacked to death by axe-wielding labourer in the afternoon when most of the men in the village were away from home on work. He is mentally ill and suffered from some psychological disorder. The villagers had to struggle to overpower him”, the Balrampur collector C R Prasanna told Hindustan Times.

On Tuesday Nageshia had a bitter altercation with his wife who returned to her paternal home with her three children, informed the police.

“The labourer was on a killing spree. It appears that the elderly women and the small children who could not flee became the victim of his barbaric assault”, the collector stated.

According to the eye-witnesses, the children were playing when Nageshia rushed around in a violent and uncontrollable manner and killed with the axe who came on his way.

Prasanna told that the villagers were too scared initially to catch hold him. “They threw stones at him to bring his brutal behaviour under control. He was overpowered by villagers and handed over to the police”, the officer told. The collector and the superintendent of police have reached the village.