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HT Correspondent , Hindustan Times
Mumbai, April 11, 2013
The three teenagers involved in the accident were flouting multiple rules. Not only were the three of them riding on one bike, they weren’t wearing helmets. Also, as they are minors, they aren’t eligible to drive or get a licence.

Hence, the police have decided to take action against the owner of the bike.

“According to the Motor Vehicles Act, it is an offence on part of a parent/guardian to let a minor, who is not eligible to get a licence, drive a vehicle. And hence, the owner of the bike will be booked under the act and will be charged Rs1,200 fine,” said inspector Shailendra Dhiwar of Juhu police station.

Ashutosh Robert, the 15-year-old pillion rider who was injured in the accident, said they had taken the bike from Malik Shaikh’s brother-in-law.

Last year, the traffic police fined 5,321 motorists for driving without a valid licence and 277 offenders till February 28 this year.

Besides, 2,17,427 people were fined for riding without a helmet in 2012, and 32,347 had to pay a penalty till end of February, 2013.

“People, especially teenagers, have to act responsibly. If they are involved in accidents, the onus has to be placed on their parents as well,” said Allka Shah, member of road safety advisory board to Mumbai police.