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Agence France-Presse
April 11, 2013
Combining a distinctive style with studio penchant for unusual and involving multiplayer modes, free-to-play "Minimum" is heading for beta testing on April 16 via an early access scheme.

Known for its work on the "Section 8" series and collaboration on the more recent "Aliens: Colonial Marines," TimeGate Studios is promising a high level of player influence as work on "Minimum" continues.

The fast-paced shooter sports a pared-down, almost "Minecraft"-esque look in combination with the sort of reaction-based tactical play that an "Unreal Tournament" or "Call of Duty" is known for, while in typical TimeGate style the signature Titan mode sees players engage in battle as two giant robots duke it out around them.

TimeGate's player involvement mantra is very much of the moment, drawing parallels with 2014 racing game prospect "Project C.A.R.S." and the community voting system of off-world shooter "Planetside 2."

There's also a link with the crowd-funding movement, as "Minimum" will be available through the Steam Network's Early Access channel, which allows players to get stuck into a variety of in-progress commercial titles before general release, including buzzworthy indie games "Under the Ocean" and "Don't Starve" as well as military sim "Arma III" and Valve's own multiplayer leviathan "DOTA 2."