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Shreya Sethuraman, Hindustan Times
April 19, 2013
We tasted five popular instant noodles brands. Some we loved instantly, others were just meh. Do you agree?
‘Claimed’ cooking time: 2 minutes
Actual cooking time: 7-8 minutes. You know it! That “sirf two-minutes” sounds pretty cute. Lies!
Taste: That of childhood. We have innumerable memories of this!
Best had when: Gorging on Maggi at midnight is a heavenly affair
Chef's tip: The noodles ought to be between watery and dry

Wai Wai
‘Claimed’ cooking time: 3 minutes
Actual cooking time: 5 minutes. Five FULL
minutes. No cheating!
Taste: Awesomely spicy, but too generous with salt.
Best had when:Best suited for cold winter evenings. And we don’t share
Chef's tip: Best when microwaved. Use boiling water instead of room temperature

Top Ramen
‘Claimed’ cooking time: 3 minutes
Actual cooking time: 7 minutes, and each noodle strand will be tomato red
Taste: Too tomatoey for my palate. The tang isn’t a welcome taste.
Best had when: With friends, while gossiping. Multiple packets to the rescue
Chef's tip: Some like it raw. And honestly, it’s not bad raw. Not too kind on the stomach though

Cup Noodles
‘Claimed’ cooking time: 3 minutes
Actual cooking time: 5 is just enough to coat all the noodles with the masala.
Taste: Too much salt, and the preservatives hit you hard.
Best had when: When there’s nothing better in the house
Chef's tip: Fill water just below the designated line

YiPPee Noodles
‘Claimed’ cooking time: 3 minutes
Actual cooking time: 7 minutes allow the noodles to be cooked ‘al dente’
Taste: Nothing YiPPee about it. The masala doesn’t coat the noodles
Best had when: When you run out of Maggi and Wai Wai
Chef's tip: One and a half cups of water is sufficient. Sprinkle grated cheese and chilli flakes

From HT Brunch, April 21

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