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Jatin Anand, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, April 22, 2013
The brutal rapist of the  five-year-old girl had met his equally vile partner-in-crime during a chance meeting aboard a train earlier this year, sources claimed on Sunday.

Identified by sources as one Pradeep, the man in question is now ‘officially’ the second accused in the case which took place precisely a week ago.

“Manoj Kumar Sah, the main accused, kept twisting facts, changing his statements and putting the entire blame on Pradeep as soon as he was arrested,” said an officer.

“He claims choosing the girl as a target was Pradeep’s decision and he was the one who executed most of the assault as Manoj simply stood by.”

Sources claimed Pradeep, a resident of Bihar’s Sitamarhi, had bumped into Manoj on a train when both were headed to Delhi in early 2013.

They had struck an instant friendship before exchanging contact details and meeting several times after coming to Delhi.

Both of them, if sources are to be believed, are of the same age group, of the same professional profile and used to share drinks, meals and a fetish for the sexually perverse on a usual basis.

“Pradeep used to stay in an area bordering Delhi and the two used to meet often. According to Manoj, he is the one who used to ‘treat him to porn clips’ on his mobile phone over drinks,” said an officer.

“Manoj claims that during the entire duration of the incident, he was present on the scene but it was Pradeep who subjected the victim to perversity. This can only be verified after both are confronted with each other,” said the officer.

What remains to be seen, the police claimed, was how much water Manoj’s claims actually hold given the fact that Pradeep is still on the run.

Manoj was, on Sunday evening, produced before a duty magistrate on Sunday evening who then sent him to 14 days’ judicial custody.

Police officers escort a man (C), accused of raping and torturing a five-year-old girl, at a court in Muzaffarpur. REUTERS Photo

The decision, police claimed, was in keeping with an effort at building a water-tight case against Manoj who has acceded to being subjected to a Test Identification Parade (TIP).

Manoj was arrested from Chiknauta village in north Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district on late Friday night. He had gone to his native village before going to Chiknauta, where his in-laws live.