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Vaishali Bhambri, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, April 26, 2013
Style hai bhai, aur kya!
Neha arora, 24, corporate employee
To each his own: We sometimes tend to generalise way too much.  With some people, it can be an eye  disorder. WITH OTHERS, it can be their style  statement. It’s their life ... who are we to judge after all?  And who defines style, it’s an individual thing.

It’s ridiculous and so wannabe
Vipin handa, 20, college student
It’s totally stupid. One word for all those who wear sunglasses indoors is ‘wannabe’. Sunglasses are meant to protect one’s eyes from the sun, not the tube lights ... They may call it a different style sense, but end up making a fool of themselves.

When I was new, I couldn’t believe it
Teena Jha, 24, from Patna
I have seen people wearing sunglasses indoors in Patna too, but not as much as in Delhi. Here, people use them as a status symbol. The funniest of all, people wearing sunglasses in underground Metro trains.  

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