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Press Trust Of India
Bangalore, May 10, 2013
The average asset per MLA in the 2013 Karnataka Assembly elections is Rs. 23.54 crore, a nearly 135% increase compared to the previous 2008 poll, when it was Rs. 10.02 crore, according to an NGO. Karnataka Election Watch (KEW) also said on Friday 93% or 203 MLAs of the total 218 analysed are crorepatis. In 2008, 63% MLAs were crorepatis.

KEW said it analysed the self-sworn affidavits of 218 out of the 223 newly elected MLAs.

It said 92 re-elected MLAs have been analysed. Their average asset in 2008 was Rs. 17.53 crore, which has gone up to Rs. 30.15 crore, a growth of 72%.

The maximum growth in assets in the last five years has been for D K Shivakumar (Congress), who has declared an increase of Rs. 175.9 crore -- from Rs. 75.5 crore in 2008 to Rs. 251 crore in 2013.

Assets of Priyakrishna (Congress) has increased by Rs. 143.36 crore -- from Rs. 767.6 crore to Rs. 910.9 crore and that of Santhosh Lad (Congress) by Rs. 124.8 crore -- from Rs. 61.5 crore to Rs. 186.4 crore.

KEW said 34% or 74 of the 218 MLAs analysed have declared criminal cases against them, compared to 20% five years ago.

Out of these 74 MLAs, 39 have declared serious criminal cases like attempt to murder, kidnapping, dacoity, assault against women etc.

Five MLAs have declared that they have murder-related cases against them. 11 MLAs have declared that they have been charged under Prevention of Corruption Act.

Out of 218 MLAs, five (2%) are women in the new Karnataka Assembly, compared to three in 2008.