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Sat Singh, Hindustan Times
Rohtak, May 20, 2013
Arya Samaj activists may have lifted the blockade from the Jhajjar-Rohtak road by calling off their agitation after Satlok Ashram was vacated by Rampal's supporters, but the move has come conditionally and cannot be considered a permanent solution to the problem.
The district administration headed by deputy commissioner Vikas Gupta has been caught in a sticky situation, as any decision would definitely enrage the other party.

The administration is wary of legal troubles, as it might invite the wrath of Rampal's supporters by prolonging Section 144 of CrPC at the Karontha ashram.

On the other side, Arya Samajis, who are closely monitoring every movement of the district administration after the Karontha clash, are also waiting for an opportunity to replicate the May12 situation if Rampal is again handed over the possession of the ashram.

The clash has given Arya Samajis a new opportunity to reunite local support against Rampal Dass, as the killing of three people on May 12 has built up a sentiment in their favour, which was missing before the clash.

Meanwhile, Rampal's followers who were asked to vacate the Karontha ashram -- the condition laid by Arya Samajis to end the stir -- by the administration after invoking Section 144 of the CrPC are also getting desperate to reclaim the possession of the ashram.

Sources said Arya Samajis are deeply concerned over the issue of uprooting Rampal Dass from Karontha, owing to the fact if he gains ground in the area, which is their stronghold, it would mean eating into their share of donations and political clout.

Notably, Arya Samajis are enjoying strong political and social clout in the Rohtak-Jhajjar area and their representatives are well respected in villages of these districts. Rampal Dass became cynosure of their eyes after he started challenging the Arya Samaj teachings during his religious discourses at the Karontha-based ashram.

While Satlok Ashram is continuously under the surveillance of paramilitary force, which has formed a ring outside it, the followers of Arya Samaj who are hiding in nearby villages are waiting for an opportunity to demolish it as soon as security personnel move out.

A senior administrative official said Arya Samajis as well as Rampal Dass' supporters are still adamant on their respective stands and any decision on the issue would result into trouble from the either side.

A statement by chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda's political adviser Virender Singh, in which he claimed that concerted and conscious efforts are being made for a permanent solution, hints at higher political intervention to solve the enigma.

The trouble began when Rampal Dass was given the possession of Karontha-based ashram and Arya Samajis gathered at the village to get it vacated, which resulted in a clash on May 12.