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May 24, 2013
Users of popular crowd-sourced travel site Gogobot have chosen their favorite destinations this summer, giving top nods to Barcelona for its sun-soaked beaches, dynamic outdoor scene and cosmopolitan offerings.

After asking their community of 2.5 million users to name their favorite summer spot, the Catalonian capital emerged the top-rated destination out of a possible 60,000 cities.

Here are the top 10 cities this summer, according to Gogobot.

1. Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona’s Mediterranean weather, cosmopolitan offerings, beaches and pulsing music and outdoor festival scene have made the Spanish city the top summer destination for users of the popular crowd-sourced travel guide Gogobot.

Photo: AFP/Valerie Potapova/shutterstock.com

2. Chicago, US
After a harsh, brutally cold winter, Chicago comes alive in the summer with jazz festivals and baseball games that draw out residents and tourists alike to the city streets, all reasons why Gogobot users chose the Windy City as their second favorite summer destination.

Photo: AFP/Piotr Zajac/shutterstock.com

3. New Orleans, US
The big tourist draw for NOLA in the summer is that prices drop following the spring peak season, says Gogobot. Culinary offerings and outdoor festivals can be had at a fraction of the price. But be warned, it gets searingly hot in summer and is best enjoyed by those who like to bask in heat.

Photo: AFP/J. Norman Reid /shutterstock.com

4. Alaska, US
At No. 4, Alaska was chosen among Gogobot users for its midnight sun which prolongs daylight into the wee hours of the night and the swaths of Alaskan greenery and wildlife brought to life after a long winter’s hibernation.

Photo: AFP/Andrea Izzotti/shutterstock.com

5. Honolulu, US
Beach life, outdoor bars, fewer tourists and outdoor concerts make Honolulu another favorite summer destination.

Photo: AFP/Raymona Pooler/shutterstock.Com

6. Helsinki, Finland
Like Chicago and Alaska, Helsinki was chosen by Gogobot users as a popular summer spot for coming alive with the warmth of the summer sun. Outdoor cafes, summer and food festivals turn the Finnish capital into a pulsing city center.

Photo: AFP/Oleksiy Mark /shutterstock.com

7. Seattle, US
Summers in Seattle offer a bit of reprieve from the constant battering of rain, as Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier come to life, inviting locals and tourists alike to explore the city’s surroundings by kayak or on foot.

Photo: AFP/Richard Cavalleri/shutterstock.com

8. Vancouver, Canada
Not far from Seattle, the Vancouver area likewise offers visitors a three-in-one deal: beach, mountain and temperate rainforests, ideal for nature and outdoor lovers. The cosmopolitan city is also gaining a worldwide reputation for its exciting food and music scenes.

Photo: AFP/Pierre Leclerc/shutterstock.com

9. Ibiza, Spain
Despite its reputation as a den of hedonism and all-night raves, Ibiza also offers quieter, mountainside refuges for those seeking a peaceful yet idyllic setting for their holiday, reasons why Gogobot users picked the island as their 9th favorite summer destination.

Photo: AFP/Aurorephotos/shutterstock.com

10. Bali, Indonesia
A dry and sunny summer in Bali makes it the perfect time to visit Bali’s coastline and mountains.

Photo: AFP/liseykina/shutterstock.com