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May 25, 2013
Less than two weeks after Angelina Jolie announced that she underwent a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer, Swedish artist Johan Andersson has unveiled a controversial nude portrait of the actress post-surgery. The oil painting is made by Swedish Artist - Johan Andersson- and it is expected to fetch around 22,000 dollars, the New York Daily News reported.

Anderson, who is the youngest artist to be exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, is known for an acclaimed posthumous portrait of Amy Winehouse.

Profits from the sale of the painting will go to a charity called Falling Whistles that campaigns for peace in the Congo.

In a statement to Art Below, the gallery selling his portrait, Andersson explained that he felt personally connected to Jolie's experience.

"My mother had aggressive breast cancer when I was 15," Andersson said. "The recent news about Angelina stirred an anxiety within me leading me to paint this portrait."

"There is an underlying awkwardness in her demeanor in juxtaposition to the natural beauty of her face," he added.