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Naresh Singal, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, May 25, 2013
Is your relationship with your spouse going downhill and you have no clue how to bring back the spark? Vaastu basics can strengthen your bond with your partner. Correcting Vaastu defects in your house can bring your love life back on the track. Here’s how:
If you feel irritated and disconnected from your spouse when you come back home, you need to de-clutter your space. Clutter obstructs the flow of positive energy, and creates obstacles in strengthening your bond.

For couples, an ideal bedroom is in west or south. A bedroom in north-west brings disharmony in relationship which results in stress and quarrels.  Also, do not place your bed in front of the door.

Use single mattress instead of double and keep your heads towards South when sleeping. Use a master size bed which should be a perfect square or rectangular in shape.

Do not place mirrors, TV and LCD in your bedroom, as these could encourage infidelity.

Never place pictures or idols of god and goddess in bedroom. Avoid pictures of war, sorrow and mercy in bedroom.
If you have photographs, candles, pictures or symbols that stand for love, place them in pair rather than single.

Three major kitchen appliances — gas-stove, sink and refrigerator should be kept in such a way that they make a triangle. Make sure that your sink and gas stove are away from each other.