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Anirban Das, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, May 27, 2013
While Bollywood tends to make a big deal about Hindi film stars bagging short roles and special appearances in Hollywood films, Abhay Deol doesn’t share the sentiment.
A few years ago, the actor made headlines for signing his first international venture, Roland Joffé’s Singularity. However, the film is yet to release. Bring up the status of the movie and he doesn’t even sound excited.

“I have no idea. I actually don’t even know what’s happening with it,” he says, adding, “The film just happened to me. They (the makers) were shooting here and they needed Indian actors. So I didn’t have to do much to be part of it. I did it just for the sake of experience.”
Apart from Abhay, the film also stars Bipasha Basu and Hollywood actors Josh Hartnett and Neve Campbell.

Considering the increasing presence of Bollywood in the international film scene, would he be interested in roles in Hollywood projects in the future?

“That industry is very structured as compared to how we function here in Bollywood. There is a system that they follow. We have to get an agent, a manager and work according to the system they follow. More importantly, I’ll have to go abroad to find good scripts and roles for Hollywood films and that is not happening anytime soon,” says the actor.