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New Delhi, May 27, 2013
Former German tennis champion Boris Becker is a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan. Becker has reportedly said that he will "do anything for Shah Rukh Khan".

In an interview with Times of India, Becker has said he likes and trusts SRK. The daily quotes Becker as saying, "I am good friends with Shah Rukh, and I'd do anything for him. Even a Bollywood film. Anything with him, I'd do."

The tennis champion also clarified that he has no interest in acting. He further told the daily, "...but I am not an actor. I can maybe play myself very well, or perhaps a mean German. I can do that, but clearly, only for SRK. I like him, I trust him, he's a big star here."

Boris Beckcer won the coveted Wimbledon title at the early age of 17 in 1985.

Boris has been planning to establish business in India and expand the branches of his Becker Private Office. When he visited the country earlier this month, he said that he will advocate sports through his commercial endeavours but refused to divulge details. BORIS PLANS TO TAP INDIAN MARKET