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Amrah Ashraf, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, May 31, 2013
This No TV Day, show your creative side to the society. Here are some suggestions from us.

Don’t watch a sitcom.

Learn Tai Chi
Move 1: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Rest hands on hips. Gently let your head roll clockwise twice. Inhale and raise shoulders; exhale and lower shoulders. Repeat counterclockwise.
Move 2: Raise your hands in front of your stomach, as if you are lifting a balloon. Then, shake your hands gently as if you are shaking water off them. Breathe normally. http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/6/TaiChi.jpg
Move 3: Gently sway your hands as if you’re painting a wall and your fingers are the brush. Once each hand reaches eye level, lower it with fingers tilted upward as if leaving a trail of paint. Complete six movements.
Move 4: Make six full circles with your hands. Follow with Move 3. Complete another six circles. Rest.
(Information courtesy Tai Chi India)

Don’t watch a drama.

Paint your Boundary Wall
Before you start, get permission from the society committee.
Remember it is society property. Stay away from profanity and controversial topics. Make your artwork child- and family-friendly. You don’t want neighbours to give you the stink-eye later.
Involve as many people from the society as you can, especially kids. Society mummies will love you.


Scrape off old paint, paper or moss. Make a stencil beforehand. Stick it on the wall and spray all over the stencil sheet in even movements.
If you are using lead-based spray paints, wear gloves and cover your mouth and nose with a mask. Do not give kids spray paints. Let them
experiment with regular house paints.
Tidy the area before you leave. Don’t forget to sign it and take a photo.
(Jai Ranjit, street artist)

Don’t watch a Hollywood film.

Hold a Garage Sale
Get permission from your building society and a spot (like a garage) to hold the sale. It should have a fan and charging points. An ideal time is between 2pm and 4pm.
Advertise. Stick posters in every building. Distribute pamphlets. Post one on the gate to attract outsiders.
Make a picnic of it. Get people to bring iced tea, snacks and sandwiches. It’s a great way to bond with neighbours.
Sell things like books, CDs and DVDs, board games, soft toys, posters, furniture and knick-knacks.
Tag each item with price and age.
In the last half an hour of the garage sale, slash prices by half.
Clean up when you’re done. Or they’ll never let you have another sale.
(Mitali Parekh, garage sale organiser and founder, Swastaani Masta)

Don’t watch a Bollywood film.


Be cool and play Laser Tag

You need at least 8 people across two teams. Have an even number of people over, otherwise someone will have to sit out. http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/6/LaserGun.jpg
Get in touch with a professional laser tagging company. They come with infra-red guns, sensors, goggles, obstacles and sometimes, refreshments and music. You can get custom-made jerseys if you order in advance."
Before you start your simulated war, spend time with the experts to get a hang of how to use the guns, strategies to beat the frenemy and the rules.
Make it interesting. Play some music, throw in some UV lights and obstacles. Each team’s mission is to shoot all the players on the other team.
The best time to play laser tag is mostly towards late evening. You start when the sun is almost setting and then finish at night. Obviously you get to use awesome night vision glasses.
(Information courtesy laser tag firm Game Garage)

From HT Brunch, June 2
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