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Press Trust of India, PTI
Dewas (MP), November 20, 2003
Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani on Thursday favoured making voting compulsory in the country on the lines of Australia and Italy where those not exercising their right to franchise have to pay a fine. Addressing a public meeting in support of BJP candidate and sitting MLA from Dewas Tukoji Rao Pawar, he said, "In India people talk at length about parties, their policies and candidates among others, but at the time of voting they do not cast their vote which is not a good practice for democracy."

Advani said like Australia and Italy and some other democratic countries where those who do not cast their vote have to pay a fine, voting should be made mandatory in India also. "Though some people may oppose the idea, it will benefit the country," he said, adding, "It will be seen later."

"However, at present, I urge all the voters to exercise their right to franchise on December 1 in favour of BJP despite the fact that voting is not compulsory in the country," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

For the first time, two poll-bound states of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan would see women chief ministers, he claimed and appealed to the voters to vote in strength in favour of the BJP to develop the states at par with the rest of the country.

The President and the Prime Minister have set a goal of making India a developed nation and to achieve that goal, it is essential for the state to become developed, Advani said.