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Anupam Srivastava, Hindustan Times
Lucknow, June 08, 2013
Schools, hospitals and private nursing homes would have to arrange parking space on their premises or rent space to accommodate vehicles of visitors.

Similar thing would be applicable to houses built over 3,000 square feet area. If parking space is not arranged, then residents would not be allowed to purchase vehicles.

These are some proposals of a statewide parking policy being formulated by the urban development department and state housing department to streamline parking on the roads.

The policy would also fix uniform parking charges all over the state and recommend charges on hourly basis to discourage people from parking their vehicles for long hours.

Keeping in mind the fact that people visiting Hazratganj avoid keeping their vehicles in the parking lot, the policy may recommend free parking for the first 30 minutes.

Municipal commissioner Rakesh Kumar Singh said, “Uniform parking policy for urban areas is essential to tackle the menace of haphazard parking on roads. We eagerly await the new policy which is expected in two months.”

Officials of urban development department confirmed that maps of schools and hospitals would not be passed till they have provision of adequate parking space on the premises/ basements. At present most of the schools and private hospitals don’t provide any parking space and vehicles are parked haphazardly outside their premises.

Currently, shelling out Rs. 20 for 5 minutes parking is not going down well with the residents. However, there would a scope for monthly and yearly passes for people who don’t have parking facility in front of their houses or offices.