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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Bhopal, June 10, 2013
Bhopal Tata magic and minibuses owners are all set to start an agitation if the authorities go ahead with their proposal to allow only low-floor buses on the BRTS corridor and issue new route permits to Tata magic and minibuses. Bhopal Diesel Tempo Sewa Samiti leader Mohammad Gani Khan said they met mayor Krishna Gaur on May 28 and apprised her about the emerging situation. “All we are asking is that we be allowed to operate on the two side-lanes of the BRTS corridor. We are not asking for the central corridor, which will be kept exclusively for the running of the BRTS buses”, said Khan, adding about 1000 magic and minibuses were running in city.

Saying that they have been running buses on city roads for last three decades, Khan stated the government’s proposal, if implemented, would affect their livelihood as other routes are not profitable. He said over three decades ago, magic owners used to run tempos, which were later discouraged. He said they somehow took loans and bought Tata magic to earn a livelihood.

“How are we going to feed our families if run our buses on other less profitable routes? We will not be able to pay the installments of our loans,” said Khan. He said if the BRTS bus service suffers losses due to them on the same route, state should compensate it.