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Islamabad, June 18, 2013
After a member of Pakistan's National Assembly alleged that a PPP leader wore a 'million dollar watch', Twitter reports have claimed that the leader was none other that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The watch in question is the Louis Moinet 'Meteoris', which has been estimated to be worth a whopping $4.6 million.

According to the Dawn, calling the latest budget to be anti-people and made for the rich, MNA Shazia Marri had claimed that such a budget can only be expected of party leaders who are fond of wearing such expensive personal items.

According to the report, Marri said that she researched on the price of the watch and believed that the owner must have got it insured.

A tweet about the incident said that the country's problem is not finances but terrorism.

Another PML-N member said that it is unbelievable for someone to wear such a costly watch, the report added.

The Louis Moinet 'Meteoris' has pieces of meteorites in each watch. Moinet teamed up with meteorite hunter Luc Labenne to collect pieces from the moon, a Mars meteorite, and an asteroid to be put in these watches.