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Chetan Chauhan, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, June 20, 2013
The government plans to incentivise the manufacture of fans that would cut your electricity bill by half, consume 50% lesser energy than your present ceiling fan and help the country save hundreds of megawatts of power a day. Being the second most common household electrical appliance after the bulb, fans will therefore become the first super energy-efficient gadgets in the country, which plans saving 19 gigawatts of energy and cutting down carbon emissions by 98 million tonnes by 2020 through the use of energy-efficient devices.

To achieve this, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)---a power ministry agency tasked with developing programs that will increase the conservation and efficient use of energy--- will receive $50 million (R300 crore) from the World Bank for initially managing the production of 50 lakh super energy-efficient fans.

These fans use 35 Watt of power against the 70 Watt consumed by the fans currently without compromising on the cooling capability.

“Unlike many electrical appliances, fans are used by most income groups and form a sizable part of a household electricity bill. Therefore it is logical to invest in something so widely used,” said World Bank India director Onno Ruhl.

Under the pilot, BEE will select fan manufacturers and provide them financial incentives to adopt new technologies and produce energy-efficient fans. Without incentives, such fans could come at double the price of power-guzzling fans in use currently.

India’s fan market is growing at the rate of 12% annually, with ceiling fans accounting for 80% of the sales. It has been estimated that 15% of an average household energy bill in India comes from fans.

A senior BEE official said the agency would soon be finalising financial and technological parameters for the fan manufacturers to seek funds for adopting energy efficient technologies.