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Durga M Sengupta, Hindustantimes.com
June 24, 2013
Ashton Kutcher's name almost always succeeds disgruntled cries of "Oh no!"s wherever he goes. From (sort of) replacing Charlie Sheen in the popular American sitcom Two and a Half Men to playing Steve Jobs in the biopic Jobs.

But Kutcher looks the part and if one is to believe the trailer, he plays it realistically as well.

As for the trailer itself, it is easy going and yet packed with little insights about the man and his failings. Jobs isn't a hyperbolic super-human (thankfully!) and hence an imperfect Kutcher is able to step lithely into his shoes.

Comparisons with The Social Network are indispensable. Unlike the Facebook film though, Kutcher's Jobs is more the regular guy than Eisenberg's eccentric Zuckerberg.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think. Do you think the Apple font-ed Jobs is worth a watch?

And for those interested in watching a young Steve talk about re-inventing the Apple wheel with the Macintosh and you'd see why Kutcher fits the bill.