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June 26, 2013
Harley-Davidson celebrated its yearly Million Mile Monday spanning over two days making it a World Ride between 23-24 June 2013. Harley owners from around the globe travelled for 48 hours covering as many kilometres as possible. The Indian H.O.G chapter contributed a respectable 5 lakh kilometres to the worldwide tally. Mr Saurin Shah from Aurangabad managed to clock 1500kms in 48 hours and snatched the Mile Muncher honour from fellow H.O.G members. While Mr Ricken Desai from Hyderabad has piled up 6000kms with his fellow H.O.G members and plan to increase their tally till the end of this year.

Every kilometre travelled by these H.O.G members on this World Ride is recorded on a mileage accumulator on Harley-Davidson’s website. H-D gave out participation certificates to very member after completion of the ride mentioning total number of kilometres travelled.