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Dibyojyoti Baksi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, June 28, 2013
The entire nation has come in support of the victims of the Uttarakhand flash flood and landslides, with help in pouring in from every quarter. In this time of tragedy, Amitabh Bachchan has advised people to exercise caution and thoughtfulness while offering relief.

“This is the most tragic incident in recent times. The whole country has come together to help out the affected pilgrims. The army is doing their job very proactively to rescue as many people as possible. I feel that everyone shouldn’t land up at the affected areas because too many people acting independently will not end up providing a very effective solution. Rather, they should channelise their support through dedicated NGOs and National Relief Funds, so that it reaches the needy more easily,” says Amitabh Bachchan, after the launch of the trailer his next release, Satyagraha.

The actor also praised the media, especially the TV news channels, for giving frequent updates and broadcasting footages from the affected areas. “As it is impossible to reach people there over phones or any other means, electronic media is doing really good work. Thanks to it, some people might get to see their family members on the TV or get regular updates,” he says.