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Harpreet Kaur, Hindustan Times
Hoshiarpur, June 29, 2013
Three PCMS doctors in the district were transferred on the basis of forged recommendation letters of the then civil surgeon in December 2010. They joined their duties but were later told that the orders had been cancelled, as the civil surgeon Dr Ravi Dogra denied having issued the orders.

Thus, mystery shrouds the significant matter of who had the access and the foolhardiness to misuse the office of the civil surgeon and issue letters on his behalf.

Now, nearly three years after the incident, the law machinery has failed to move ahead in the case. In spite of directions by the health secretary to the civil surgeon office to pursue the matter and get a First Information Report (FIR) registered against the fraudsters, neither the health department nor the police have been able to identify the culprits.

On December 31, 2010, the day civil surgeon Dr Dogra retired from service, three letters were issued from his office recommending the transfers of Dr Avnish Sood from community health centre (CHC) Bhunga to Bhol Kalota, Dr Vajinder Singh from Bhol Kalota to Hariana and Dr Kamaljit Chohan from Budhawar to Hoshiarpur. Later, the dispatch numbers of these letters were not found in office record.

One of the doctors Dr Vajinder later claimed that he was handed over the transfer orders by the then assistant civil surgeon Dr Ramesh in the presence of another official Dr Amarjit, making them prime miscreants in the case.

After a departmental enquiry, the transfer orders were cancelled but it was not probed as to who misused civil surgeon's office. Dr Ramesh and Dr Amarjit refuted the charges of Dr Vajinder and levelled counter allegations.

On a complaint from the civil surgeon office, the SSP marked an inquiry to SP (detective). However, the latter recommended that the matter be put to rest, stating that it appeared to be a case of professional rivalry. He also dismissed the civil surgeon's demand for forensic inquiry.

Dr Avnish Sood has now once again written to the SSP for registration of a criminal case in this regard and has demanded that all stake holders be made party to the inquiry.