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Saurabh Katkurwar , Hindustan Times
Mumbai, July 04, 2013
The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd (MSRDC) will construct a truck terminus on the Mumbai – Pune Expressway, where tired drivers can catch some rest. Transport experts and the state highway police have been demanding a truck terminus along the expressway for a long time, saying it will reduce the number of accidents on the highway.

“Tired drivers usually park their trucks along the road as there is no place for them to rest. This leads to accidents,” said Vijay Kamble, additional director general of the state highway police.

“According to guidelines issued by the Central government, there should be truck terminus on highways. Now we can expect fewer mishaps.”

The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd (MSRDC) has invited tenders for the construction of the terminus at Khalapur on a build-operatetransfer scheme.

MSRDC’s chief engineer Arun Deodhar said, “The truck terminus will be constructed in two parts, on either side of the expressway. Each part will be measure five hectares and have the parking capacity of 100 trucks.”

Restrooms, restaurants and dormitories have also been planned within the premises.

The MSRDC is expected to award a contract by end of this year, and the project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014.