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Shaswati Das , Hindustan Times
New Delhi, July 05, 2013
The University of Delhi's (DU) admission process, may be three cut-offs old, but concerns continue to remain with regards to a student's aptitude for a particular subject.

With the varsity doing away with the BA programme and BCom programme courses this year, officials believed that students who would otherwise have opted for these courses were now opting for mainstream Humanities courses.

The students cited long-term career choices as a reason of moving away from courses they preferred to more ‘lucrative' subject options.

"I wanted to study economics initially. But I know that doing political science will help me a lot if I sit for the UPSC exams after my graduation. With that in mind, I have taken up political science because in the larger scheme of things managing political science will be easier even if I take up another subject such as International Relations," said Kanika Grover (name changed), an applicant at Miranda House. 

Teachers in some colleges stated students often shifted from one discipline to other without gauging what the subjects really had in store for them.

"Students largely go by the popularity of a subject. But how do we decide what is popular? The aspirants usually base their decisions on hearsay and look at the employability factor and not their aptitude for a certain subject. Commerce students who have no background in humanities subjects opt for humanities and vice versa," said Geetesh Nirban, media coordinator of Kamala Nehru College.

However, college officials said even if students find a course daunting, the exit options will make it easier for them.

"The best part about the four-year programme is that it has three exit points. If the course becomes absolutely unmanageable, students can leave after the second or third year. But this year because of the absence of BA and B.Com programmes, students have been forced to opt for other subjects," said a senior DU official.