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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, July 05, 2013
The Supreme Court on Friday asked the authorities to act against illegal occupants of government bungalows, saying no memorials should be allowed in future in any government house earmarked for residential purpose.

A bench of justice P Sathsivam and justice Ranjan Gogoi voiced concern over some ministers, MPs, bureaucrats and judges continuing to stay in government accommodation even after demitting office or retirement. It said authorities should use "reasonable force" for eviction of such occupants.

"It is unfortunate that the employees, officers, representatives of people and other high dignitaries continue to stay in the residential accommodation provided by the government though they are no longer entitled," the court said.

The SC fixed a time-frame of two months for people to vacate the official accommodation after their entitlement period to retain the house ended.

"If as per the estate officer the occupant's case is not genuine not more than 15 days time should be granted and thereafter reasonable force as per Section(5)(@) of the Act may be used," the court said. As per the directions MPs, ministers and bureaucrats should leave houses immediately after demitting office.