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July 06, 2013
What’s the best thing your friend can do for you? When this question was posted on Twitter, a host of responses (30,000+ at last count) came up, including fun ones straight out of college (“one who makes me Maggi and coffee when I am up all night mugging for a test”), practical ones (“the designated driver after a party”), snide ones (“watches Sajid Khan movies”) and what not. For Shine.com – the leading job portal – the answer is simple. If a friend gets you your dream job, he becomes nothing less than a God for you.

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Shine.com puts the same idea to work, with a product that connects the jobs on its website to your Facebook network. Simply put: when a candidate sees a job on Shine.com, he also gets to see if he has any Facebook friends who work (or worked) for the same company. With a friend in a company, one can always ask for a reference or information that gives the candidate quite a bit of advantage in the selection process. So not only do you know who’s hiring, but you have a friend on the inside. A friend who can now get you a job. Literally.

“The best search engine is the human mind,” says Amit Garg, business head for digital at HT Media (which runs Shine.com). “It performs complex algorithms with little data and manages to get the right answer, thanks to intuition. No search engine can find you a job better than a friend who knows your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, ambitions, and will  recommend you for the position. Or correctly advise you against it.” Garg knew he was on to a good thing right from the start. “When we had a product that was able to tap into a jobseeker’s personal network – without affecting his privacy – we felt we had to make a lot of noise about it.” And so an ad campaign was dreamed up.

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Extensive research among candidates revealed that this was indeed a much sought-after product and people believed friends can actually make the process of a job search easier, even if it is as simple as telling them how to dress and behave during the interview. A large number of people who’ve got jobs through friends, agree that they felt a lot of gratitude towards that friend. Rajan Bhalla, group marketing head at HT Media was convinced that the product was great, the insight real. “The challenge was how to
convert it into a refreshing, positive communication for the brand,” he says. “In the jobs category, we have only seen negative themes like boss bashing and poor pay. We wanted a take that talks about friends and how one can help the other in getting his dream job through Facebook.”

Translating this insight into a memorable catchphrase was the brainchild of Dentsu Creative Impact. National creative director Soumitra Karnik and his team came up with a line straight out of everyday lingo: “Yaar, Tu God Hai”.

The catchphrase was matched by a TV spot with a larger-than-life visual of a massive human pyramid (a metaphor for the social networking site) and the audio thump of a high-energy song based on the popular Govinda Aala Re number.

The last push http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/7/Ad1.jpg
The TV spot – currently on air – was shot by Shujaat Saudagar (who has directed some high-profile films like Tata Docomo, Pepsi and “Haan main crazy hoon” for Coca Cola) and uses some high-end computer graphics to create a ‘sky-scraping’ human pyramid.

Shifting focus from other negative visuals like bad bosses, unhappy employees and poor pay, the film creates freshness with its imagery, inspiring music and the metaphorical ‘push’ that helps a friend get a job. “While a friend’s reference is worth a lot, it needs to be layered on a capable candidate,” Bhalla points out. “We were clear that we wanted to show a candidate who is shortlisted on his own merit and probably needs a bit of help to get a dream job. And that is what the film does – with a lot of flair.”

So if you are good, a friend is all you need to shine!
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