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Vishal Joshi, Hindustan Times
Nissing(Karnal), July 07, 2013
Police investigations have confirmed that two warring group of politicians had fired more than 50 rounds bullets on Friday night at a violence that took place at the local grain market. Deputy superintendent of police Shyam Lal said on Sunday evening that there was still no confirmation if anyone sustained any bullet injury in the clash between the chairman of the Nissing municipal committee Nagesh Goyal and his political opponent Subhash Singla.

Both Goyal and Singla, the politically influential persons, have been booked under various sections including attempt to murder and Arms Act.Police department is a complainant in the case.

“Our team has recovered 51 bullet shells from the spot and search is on for more. These shells would be sent for the forensic examination. It is also a matter of investigation to find if the weapons used in the firing were legal or not,” said Kaushik.

He said that the police teams were trying to track the injured persons.Police had arrested eight persons last night and no more arrests were made today.

Meanwhile, the DSP confirmed that supporters of both factions claimed to have struck a compromise after the clash and even given it in writing to the local police authorities.

“But it (compromise paper) is not admissible. Violence that involved heavy firing by both parties is a very serious issue which had put the lives of innocents to threat,” he said.On Friday night, two groups clashed over unspecified issue and the local residents said that both groups were heavily armed with weapons, swords, sticks etc.

The mob led by the politicians also indulged in heavy stone pelting and it took more than two hours for the police to bring the situation under its control.

Nagesh is nephew of the millionaire Kailash Goel who had recently won the Karnal municipal corporation elections.Known for his strong political clout with several elected representatives of the ruling Congress government in the state, Kailash was unsuccessfully backed by the Congress leadership for the past of Karnal mayor