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Press Trust Of India
Patna, July 08, 2013
Faced with mounting attack by BJP and RJD for "failing" to avert the terror strike at the Mahabodhi temple despite specific warnings from intelligence agencies, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Monday alleged that both parties have joined hands in their "desperation" for power.

"Both have joined hands. The unity of BJP and RJD is visible... Our one step (parting ways from BJP) has exposed everybody.  They can go to any extent in their desperation for power. The blasts in Mahabodhi temple is an occassion when there should not have been any divide. Everybody should face this challenge together.

"But what is happening? People are raising slogans when I am going to the temple. Who are these people? This is frustration borne out after going out of power," Kumar told reporters in Patna.

The Bihar chief minister also alleged that talks between two parties are going internally and "not at lower level".

"Talks are going on about seat adjustments. Both will do many things together, some directly and some indirectly. After going out of power, what kind of people they (BJP) are ready to make compromises with," Kumar said responding to questions.

While RJD chief Lalu Prasad on Sunday sought a probe into whether intelligence inputs were ignored, BJP's Prakash Javadekar said that it was a serious issue that central agencies had warned about this attack and given specific inputs that Bodh Gaya would be attacked and still no proper arrangements were made by the state government.

Kumar said that the serial blast at the Mahabodhi temple is an incident, which required a show of unity at the social as well as political levels.

With the security of the Mahabodhi temple appearing to be a daunting exercise for the state government and its forces, the chief minister has appealed to the prime minister to consider deployment of the CISF.

"The CISF is a specialised force which mans vital installations in the country.... it should also be asked to provide security at the Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya," he said.

About immediate security requirements at the Mahabodhi temple, the chief minister said that central and state security agencies will hold a review meeting at the earliest and work out security needs of the Buddhist shrine.

Though CCTV was in place at the Mahabodhi temple, it has to be made more effective in order to keep a track on the movement of people, he said.

He also spoke to the Mahabodhi temple management committee officials about various aspects of the serial blasts.

He later visited the Magadh hospital and enquired about health condition of two injured monks - one of Myanmarese nationality and another of Tibetan origin.

Meanwhile, the chief minister's visit came under protest from BJP supporters led by former Urban development minister Prem Kumar who raised anti-government slogans, charging them with gross negligence in providing foolproof security at the Buddhist shrine.

The protesters were briefly detained by the local police, including Prem Kumar, who demanded the chief minister's resignation on moral grounds for terror attacks in the temple town.