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Hindustan Times
Gurgaon, July 09, 2013
The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) has blocked payment of more than Rs. 8 lakh to the service providers of its night shelter at Bhim Nagar, reportedly over non-submission of bills and unsatisfactory services. The service providers alleged that the MCG was making them run from pillar to post for the payment. “I had provided catering services to the night shelter and submitted a bill of over Rs. 6 lakh to the civic body. But I haven’t received my payment yet,” alleged Kanta Devi of Legend Caterers.

“I met the officials again today and was told that the person in-charge for passing the bills has to approve them first. Earlier, the MCG had claimed that the delivery of food was not regular. The MCG is paying me Rs. 10 per head as opposed to the decided R40 for each meal,” added Devi. She has decided to go the legal way if she does not receive the payment soon.

“We found, during inspection, that the caterer didn’t provide food as per the menu. As per our reports, we will make the payment of R10 per plate. There are some other issues also as verification has not been done so far,” said MCG joint commissioner Anju Chaudhary.

The civic body has also refused to pay a bedding provider even a year after delivery of mattresses, pillows and blankets to the night shelter, saying that it does not have the file reference number of the delivery.

According to an MCG official, the cheques for payment of some of the firms are ready, but have not been approved by senior officials.

“The civic body has stated poor delivery of services as the reason for holding back the payment, whereas all the bills and files are in place and some cheques are ready. They are not passed by the committee as some officials expect a share in the payment,” the official said.

Apart from the caterer and the bedding supplier, the MCG has to pay R84,000 to one Krishna Tours for providing vehicles to the night facility and R13,000 to a utensil vendor based in Sadar Bazar.