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Vanita Srivastava, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, July 09, 2013
In a rare celestial activity on Wednesday, the moon and Venus will geometrically align in a way that would make them appear close to each other. “Since the object spotted below the moon will be non-twinkling, it cannot be a star. Venus and the moon will achieve this celestial feat at 11.48 pm though people can view this extravaganza after sunset itself,” N. Sri Raghunandan Kumar, director, Planetary Society of India told HT.

Kumar said after sunset one has to look towards the west to see the crescent moon and a non-twinkling object like Venus.

“This event is best visible after sunset till 8.30 pm because on Wednesday the sun will set at 6.55 pm, moon will set at 8.16 pm and Venus will set at 8.40 pm. Venus would appear on the right side of the crescent moon,” he said. Those who miss it can see it again on Thursday when Venus will appear below the moon on the right side.