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Vishal Rambani
Patiala, July 11, 2013
In relief to the sick industrial units the supply to which is disconnected, Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) has offered one-time settlement to all categories of defaulting consumers. PSPCL is offering discounts as well. There is no concession on the power usage charges but the PSPCL will give consumers relief on the penalty amount, compounding etc., that too of 50%.

The PSPCL claims it has launched the scheme to revive sick industry but it's clear that the aim is to hit two birds with one stone. If successful, the scheme will help the PSPCL collect its blocked amount and solve the problem of surplus energy during winter. Otherwise, it has to tap new consumers to sell this electricity.

Already, the corporation has a scheme of a rupee of discount to industry on each unit consumed in winter. "The scheme is open to all categories of consumers where the connection is disabled permanently up to May 31, 2011," said director (commercial) Surinder Pall. "In the past few years, many industrial units had to shut because of economic meltdown and the recession in property prices. It (the scheme) will aid their revival," he added.

"In case of total outstanding amount including current energy bills, the consumers opting for one-time settlement will have to deposit current energy bill payment in full in addition to half the outstanding dues, which can be either load surcharge, demand surcharge, or wrong metering etc." said Pall. The outstanding amount will not include the cases of theft and unauthroised use of electricity; and the scheme is valid up to March 31, 2014.

The PSPCL has asked the field staff to call a meeting of consumers who have disabled disconnections and inform them about the one-time settlement offer.