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Usmeet Kaur, Hindustan Times
July 13, 2013
He’s known for roles that a conventional actor won’t play. Yet, somehow, you can’t imagine anyone else but him doing justice to those characters. Actor and former VJ, Ranvir Shorey says he finds it difficult to talk about the roles he has played. HT City talks to him talking about his stint in upcoming Bollywood film Bajatey Raho, his divorce rumours and more...

Like your previous films, does Bajatey Raho also deliver a social message?

“Bajatey Raho is more of a comic thriller; a first of its kind. Shooting for the film felt similar to shooting for Khosla Ka Ghosla (KKG), mostly because of similar locations. Like KKG, this one too explores relationships. The film is about a family coming together for a good cause. My character’s name is Balwant, the protagonist’s childhood buddy, who helps out his friend’s family. Balwant is a Punjabi parking lot owner in Delhi with a short temper, a heart of gold and penchant for quick repartee.”

Is your chemistry with Vinay Pathak the same in person as it is on screen?

“I get this question very often. Vinay and I have had a 15-year long working relationship, and of course, a strong friendship. Whenever we get to work with each other, we’re at complete ease. Work-wise too our sensibilities match, that’s why we end up doing the same films.”

How was it working with Dolly Ahluwalia in the film?

“Dolly ji is a wonderful actor. Tusshar Kapoor learnt a lot from her — she taught him Punjabi. We used to pull Tusshar’s leg about not knowing the language, so Dolly ji took it up as a challenge! I had a wonderful time shooting with all of them.”

You and Konkona were last seen together in Traffic signal, any plans of working together again?
“If we are offered a good script, we might just!”

Are you satisfied as an actor?

“Even today, I am a struggling actor. Good enough scripts or roles are not being offered to me. I have to pick the best from what is being offered to survive. I’m too busy making a living out of what I love doing to think of anything else.”

We’ve all heard rumours about your divorce. Are they true?

“The media tries really hard to sell gossip. Every couple has differences; that doesn’t mean they are getting divorced. Konkona is more mature at handling life than me. We are happily married and have recently moved into a new apartment in Versova.”

What do you have to say about unconventional cinema picking up?

“I have only done unconventional roles so far. The audience is waking up to unconventional cinema only now. So many filmmakers have made their identity with unconventional cinema and look at the respect they are getting today!”

A genre you would like to experiment with?

“Oh, there’s a lot that I haven’t done yet, be it horror or romance. There’s so much more to do!”