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Sukhpreet Singh, Hindustan Times
Ludhiana , July 15, 2013
The hike in petrol price has hit residents hard yet again.  A lot of fluctuation in petrol price has been observed this year, which is not going down well with residents in city. Satsangat Singh, a student from Dugri phase 11, said "The hike in petrol price has adversely affected the common man. I have to travel for tuitions every day and with increase in petrol price the cost of transportation has also increased. The government, should rollback the decision and help the common man."

Aman Khurana, an economics teacher, said: "The petrol prices are increasing internationally and the value of India rupee is also falling against dollar. This will affect the petrol prices. Even if the country is buying petrol from gulf countries the government should increase the subsidies, which balances the economy. Increase in petrol prices will affect transportation cost, as the cost of goods increases automatically with increase in petrol price. The price hike will affect the common man adversely, who has a fixed income."

Inderpreet Singh, a student, said: "The hike in petrol prices would badly affect the poor man as his entire cycle gets disturbed. Students will suffer more as they have to travel for school and tuitions."

DP Maur, assistant sectary of Communist party of India, said: "In 2009, when United Progressive Alliance (UPA) came to power, the petrol prices were Rs. 42 per litre, but now it has scaled to Rs76.18."

He condemned the hike as he said it would severely affect the common man.This was the third such hike in the past one month. On June 15, the petrol price was hiked by Rs. 2 per litre, then on June 28 it was again hiked by Rs. 1.82 and now the government has hiked the petrol price again by Rs. 1.55.