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HT Correspondent , Hindustan Times
Bhopal, July 17, 2013
The killing of couple Sunil, 21, and Ranjeeta, 19, whose bodies were found in Mandla, 466km east of Bhopal, recently, was a case of honour killing. The police have arrested Ranjeeta's father Sadan Maravi, her brother Manoj and brother-in-law Dinesh for the killings. The bodies of Ranjeeta and Sunil were recovered a couple of days back.

The body of Sunil was found near a forest while Ranjeeta's body was found at a different place. It was found that Sunil was last seen with girl's family members.

Ranjeeta's father Sadan confessed that he had killed his daughter because he felt she had brought disgrace to the family because of her relationship with the youngster (Sunil).

Recently, the girl's kin told Sunil that they would solemnise his marriage with Ranjeeta but when he reached their house, he was overpowered and strangulated to death. Ranjeeta was also killed.

The bodies were later dumped.