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Aakriti Sawhney, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, July 17, 2013
Three months ago, a Delhi-based art gallery started an innovative concept of getting artists to unconventional art spaces for a comprehensive talk, which would later be converted into a video archive. Continuing with their Art & Ale series, last week, gallery TAD Arts invited artist Seema Kohli to talk about her art and more.

In conversation with Niten Mehta of the gallery, Kohli spoke on many subjects related to art. Asked how Indian art is viewed outside the country, Kohli said, “Abroad, people are intrigued by Indian art. The art here is so diverse, and they are surprised by the techniques we use. They don’t know much about it and want to know more. I think Indian art needs to show a lot more to the world.”

Kohli also spoke on the pricing of artworks, a topic many artists fear talking about. “Pricing has become very important these days. Till 2010, I used to increase the price of my artwork by 10% every year but I have stopped doing that. I used to get sleepless nights and I used to question myself, Am I becoming too greedy?”

The artist, who is known for using brilliant combination of colours and feminine figures in her work, said that she feels lucky that she does not belong to any particular group or to a certain school. “Images can be created but your work has to come from within you. I am very obsessive about my work.”

She also shared her concern for Public art. “Art has to come out in the open. Public art has to be mobile and should be easily accessible to general public. A lot needs to be done in that regard,” she says.