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Hindustan Times
July 18, 2013
After playing a lawyer in Jolly LLB, actor Arshad Warsi will next be seen as a gyan guru of sorts in Amrit Sagar’s Rabba Main Kya Karoon. “I accepted this role because Amrit is a friend. In the film I teach Akash Chopra how to keep his marriage going. You need to lie so many times to keep your other half cool,” says Arshad.

He adds that the film’s concept took off from the principle that a few years after the wedding, couples do tend to get bored. “I teach Akash how to keep the relationship intact. It won’t be too much if I say that I am the ‘mind’ for Akash’s ‘heart’; I give him gyaan about being practical and not emotional and how it is more important to keep the interest going in a marriage,” says the 45-year-old actor.

Arshad, who has been happily married to former VJ Maria Goretti for 14 years, says he knows exactly what it takes for a marriage to work. “Marriage is an investment,” I go out of the way to save my marriage, keeping the interest going in each other’s company,” he says.