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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Chandigarh , July 18, 2013
All state governments would be required to form consumer complaint cells at the state- and district-level to monitor the smooth implementation of the national food security ordinance (NFSO), said Prem Chandra Mishra, special representative of the Congress on the issue. "The NFSO is a historic step taken by the party," Mihra told the media. He has been assigned the work of interacting with the media in six states, including Haryana, on the subject.

Anyone opposing the ordinance would be termed anti-poor, Mishra said, adding that though the country had progressed in more than 60 years of independence, there were a large number people who went without two square meals a day and deprived of regular supply of drinking water. "The NFSO will ensure that people get their rights."

"Under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana, the eligible households will be extended up to 75% of the rural population and up to 50% of the urban population. They will foodgrains through the public distribution system. Rice will be available for Rs. 3 a kg, wheat for Rs. 2 and coarse grains (millets) for Rs. 1," he said.

Mishra, who is the Bihar Congress vice-president, mentioned other features of the NFSO such as special focus on nutritional support to women and children.

To a question whether or not the ordinance was a political gimmick ahead of the forthcoming general elections, he said the food security bill had started taking shape more than four years ago.The Congress leader refused to answer the question about the union government raising the cap on the number of subsidised gas cylinders ahead of the elections.