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Mehakdeep Grewal, Hindustan Times
Patiala , July 18, 2013
Cardiac arrest has been one of the major reasons for maternal deaths recorded in the district as out of eight cases since March three have been due to cardiac failure. The problem is more severe in first-time mothers as according to the available information out of three cases two were young and first-time mothers.

District family welfare and planning officer Dr Surinderpal said one of the major reasons for maternal deaths was the cardiac arrest. Majority of the patients were referred late to Rajindra hospital when their condition had deteriorated. As the hospital caters to the Malwa belt, some of the patients have to travel quite a distance, which worsens the condition of the patient.

Last year, 32 maternal deaths were reported; a majority of the deaths were caused due to hypertension.

The ratio of urban deaths as compared to rural is alarming as majority of the cases come from urban belts, Surinderpal said, "In rural areas, keeping track of expecting mothers is easier, as to a population of 5,000 there is one ANM, whereas in urban areas it's 25,000 to one. It is difficult for ANMs in urban areas to keep statistics of pregnant women and their health."

Rajindra hospital gynaecologist Dr Manjit Kaur Mohi said one of the major reasons for maternal deaths is that the heart failed to take the load during delivery time; many times even after the delivery a patient's heart fails.

She said the patients should get their timely check-up done during pregnancy, and a couple should go in for family planning to ensure the healthy life of child and mother.