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Agence France-Presse
July 19, 2013
Revisit one of the 90s' best games in a trailer for "DuckTales: Remastered" which shows off a new look for the game's classic Himalayan level.
The August release takes a classic Disney video game and spruces it up with modern sound and graphics. The NES and GameBoy game was first released in 1990 (or 1989 for the US NES version), and was the first collaboration between Disney and video game giant Capcom.

This new version will arrive first as a PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC download from August 13, and as an Xbox 360 download from September 11.

And harking back to the original will be a special physical version of "DuckTales," aimed squarely at collectors: there's not even a disc inside, but instead cover artwork that references the original, a pin-badge and a download code for the game. That's out the week of August 20.