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Anupam Srivastava, Hindustan Times
Lucknow, July 19, 2013
SpiceJet flight SG 2357 coming from Delhi to Allahabad  with 49 passengers and  four crew members on board skidded shortly after landing at Bamrauli airport on Friday night and ran onto the soft mud  field nearby before halting.
All passengers and crew members on board were reported to be safe and there was  no significan damage to the aircraft. However aircraft was stuck in the mud and was not fit for flight back to Delhi.

The Delhi-Allahabad  flight  landed at 8:25 pm but due to heavy rains pilot was not able to judge the length of strip while taking a turn during taxiing and was stuck in the soft mud in a field beside the runway, the sources said.

He flight which comes from Delhi is scheduled to land at Allahabad at 6.30 pm but it was diverted to Lucknow due to bad weather in Allahabad. The flight again took for Allahabad at around 8 pm when weather improved but it skidded into field.

The flight also returns to Delhi in the night. About 54 passengers had booked their seats to return from the same aircraft. As plane was stuck in the filed the airlines told the passengers about cancellation of flight following that heated exchange of words took place between the passengers and staff of airlines.

The situation became tense after much discussion airlines agreed to take the passengers to Lucknow by taxi from where they would be send to Delhi by a different flight. The passengers were on their way when the news was written.

The airlines officials said the issue is solved and, normal traffic was not affected due to the incident.