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Agence France-Presse
July 20, 2013
Publisher Namco Bandai has announced "Ace Combat: Infinity" for PlayStation 3, and its teaser has been stuffed to the gills with fan-pleasing references to previous titles.
There's even room for an in-joke, as a female character hums the theme tune to retro Namco arcade game "Mappy."

And "Ace Combat: Infinity" appears to be set in the real world, not the imaginary Strangereal setting of most series entries, showing that Namco is keen to keep up with a modern trend towards realism, despite the deployment of imaginary superweapons and the occasional giant aircraft.

Additionally, and in the absence of any other information about the game, there's a suggestion that Namco's going to continue its involvement with a second significant trend, one for free-to-play games supported by in-game (or in-app) purchases.

That's because two of Namco's most recent download-only titles, "Tekken Revolution" and "Ridge Racer: Driftopia," are using the same model, one that has proved so successful for MMOs and mobile games; anyone can jump in and try it out, while those who like it pay to expand the experience.