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Anil Kumar , Hindustan Times
Patna, July 22, 2013
The opposition BJP is the chief conspirator behind the recent Bodh Gaya blasts and the mid-day meal tragedy at Saran, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar said on Monday. The motive, he added, was to whip up frenzy, since the BJP has failed to sell its hardline agenda in the state.
“The Masrakh and Bodh Gaya incidents have shown that the BJP and RJD have joined hands. More such incidents can take place,” Kumar said at a meeting of JD(U) MPs, legislators and other leaders as part of Mission 2014.

Urging the need for vigilance, he asked district in-charges and local leaders of Valmikinagar, East and West Champaran, Sheohar, Sitamarhi, Madhubani, Jhanjharpur and Supaul to remain stationed in the areas.

“The politics over the mid-day meal tragedy was unfortunate,” Kumar said.

"The government had taken prompt action, ordering probe by a special panel. The police were looking into the matter too. But the opposition was more interested in hampering the probe and earning political mileage. “The RJD and BJP announced a 24-hour bandh the very next day.”

The opposition, he told the workers, was trying to “test your patience as they are testing mine”.

“The people had given us the mandate for the development of the state and not for implementing BJP's hardline agenda. We have come out unscathed in the past with people's support. We will ride this out too,” he said.