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Sanchari Chatterjee, Hindustan Times
Kolkata, July 23, 2013
It’s not about how much you give, it’s the compassion, the thought of helping others that counts and this is what most of the prominent city schools are teaching their students by raising funds for the Prime Minister’s relief fund, to help victims of the Uttarakhand devastation. While some students approached the school authorities to seek permission to raise funds, most other schools launched an awareness drive with clippings and newspaper cuttings of the disaster to make the students feel for the thousands of victims who lost their families, shelter and their belongings.

Sri Sri Academy, under the parental body of the Vyakti Vikas Kendra India (VVKI), has mopped up a total of Rs. 1.3 lakh till now. “

The total sum that would be collected would be sent across for the Uttrakhand relief programme of the International Association for Human Values Disaster Relief Fund. VVKI opted for this fundraising programme with a vision of oneness for the disaster victims,” said Sangita Agarwal, chief financial officer of the school.

On the other hand, senior students of Modern High School for Girls themselves approached the school authorities for a fundraiser.

“Some of the senior girls themselves approached us to raise money for Uttarakhand. I found it to be a wonderful idea that they are also thinking about others and this will transform them into better human beings,” feels Devi Kar, director of the school.

Apart from monetary contributions, schools like the Ballygunge Siksha Sadan (BSS), which does not believe in collecting money from children, has collected huge quantities of ration and clothes in jute bags that would be sent over to the disaster-struck Uttarakhand, through an NGO.

“Some of our students brought jute bags of 10 kgs of rice and pulses, among others. We don’t believe in taking money from children, because money is something you tend to forget after the amount is given. There is no further responsibility or feeling,” said Sunita Sen, principal of BSS.

MP Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School also made similar fundraising arrangements. “Most of the students we have are blessed with all the necessities in life and all facilities they need. It is also important for them to feel for the less fortunate ones, and with this thought we addressed them at the assembly to contribute in the fundraising activity for the Uttrakhand disaster,” said Herbert George, principal of MP Birla.

He added, “We insisted that students contribute in the fundraising from their own pocket money instead of asking from their parents so that they feel for those children who have lost their families and everything.”

Students of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy (LSA) and teachers raised over Rs. 7 lakh over the past few days and is about to donate the money to the PM’s relief fund.

“We had asked our students to donate as much as they could afford from their pocket money and not by asking money from their parents,” said Meena Kak, principal of LSA.

The NCC, on the other hand, collected supplies and money from all over the state to send it over on Tuesday to the Dehradun section of the NCC. “We have collected clothes, bags, tarpaulin and other non-food items and these would be sent over in three trucks and over 400 bags from Kolkata. Materials from Darjeeling and Sikkim will be sent directly,” said Captain BB Singh, NCC spokesperson.

Delhi Public School, Ruby Park, also raised another Rs. 15 lakh and the money would be handed over to the Ramkrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan for helping the Uttarakhand victims.