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London, July 28, 2013
In a miraculous coincidence, the couple who got married on the same day as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have welcomed their first baby boy on the same day as the royal baby. Liam and Emma Belgrove welcomed new son Oliver just hours before the birth of Prince George, the Daily Star reported.

Emma went into labour on Monday, the same time that the Duchess was admitted to hospital in London.

Oliver was born at 11:54am, weighing 7lb 1oz. The royal baby was born at 4.24pm and weighed 8lb 6oz.

Liam, of Whitnash, Warks, joked that the royals copied their wedding plans and it looks like even their first-born was coordinated.

When the new heir to the British throne was born, three other babies were likely born somewhere in the world in the very same second, statistics show; 254 others within a minute; 360,000 others before the Earth had completed a single turn on its axis. Few, if any, of course, are destined to become a monarch.