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Anirban Das, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, July 28, 2013
Kiran Rao, who was the presenter for Anand Gandhi’s Ship Of Theseus (SOT), undoubtedly did a fabulous job at supporting and promoting the film effectively. The well-structured promotional plans have ensured that the film reaches its audience and does good business at the box office. And now, interestingly, post the success of the film, Kiran is being approached by many other indie filmmakers to back their films as well.

While indie films are difficult to market and distribute to the right kind of audience, Kiran’s effort to promote SOT has impressed many filmmakers. “Many have seen the kind of value Kiran has brought to the film. She has not only promoted it well, but also made sure that the film is talked about in the correct circles,” says a source close to the filmmaker. With the way SOT is faring at the box office, looks like other filmmakers want to put their faith in Kiran’s talent as well.

Though, Kiran is not sure if she will be presenting films on a regular basis, she will only back them if the content is as rich as that of SOT. She says, “I don't want to promote films and it’s not an ambition of my life as such. But if a lovely film like SOT comes to me, I would want the audiences to know about it and watch it. As far as other films are concerned, let’s see.”

Kiran is extremely content with the success of Gandhi’s film. “I’m  glad and satisfied. This kind of work should be highlighted more often in our industry,” says Kiran.